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Basic Attic Storage Solution, Loft Flooring

Often the space within the attic is too low to convert for habitable use, or is an awkward shape, or for some other reason it's just not feasible to use as a room.

In this case most of us use the attic space to store Christmas decorations, and the plethora of other things we gather up over time, yet never really seem to use.

As more and more is "Just stuck up the loft" the chances of falling through the ceiling below as you try to go from joist to joist with another box, trying to find a suitable space becomes more and more likely. The setting up of a ladder to even get into the hatch makes it less likely you'll ever actually see that box again, well until it's time to move house!

Often makeshift lighting is used, the lamp from the bedroom you once had that now lives just at the hatch entrance, attached to an extension lead!

Yes we have all done it at one time or another.

What if though you could get easy access to the attic space, through an access hatch large enough to carry bulky items alone, attached to the best wooden loft ladder on the market today! That won't have you struggling whilst arguing with your partner about the best way forward, a raised floored area that will keep you and your goods as safe as houses and lights at both ends of the space with a switch at the top of the ladders that saves fumbling about with lamps and leads, as well as shelving the full length of your attic along both sides!

You can!