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VELUX Roof Window Installation & Replacement

As accredited VELUX installers, you can be sure of a complete professional installation and replacement service from us. All of our operatives are fully trained in the installation of VELUX products.

As well as full loft conversions we also offer a VELUX roof window fitting service whereby, upon your instruction we will supply and fit your VELUX roof window including all associated roofwork at a very reasonable cost and done and finished in one day.

The following are supply and fit prices for the new April 2016* GGL centre pivot white painted finish VELUX roof windows with standard glazing and standard flashings only.

*On the 4th April 2016 Velux changed the window options available. Previously the GGL Pine finish was the standard option, now though they have introduced the new pre painted white series.
Pine finish is still available at the moment but is a special order item now.

All the following prices are both to supply and fit one VELUX roof window including all timber work to the inside of an unconverted attic and all associated roof work to completion. Or to replace an existing Velux window and remove the old one.

Should internal finishing work be required to match in with an existing finished conversion, we will be happy to supply a comprehensive and competitive quote.

Once you've decided on the size of window you require please simply contact us with your name address and we’ll have your new window fitted as soon as possible.

GGL-CK02 (102, C02) 550mm X  780mm £1035.00
GGL-CK04 (6,104,C04) 550mm X  980mm £1050.00
GGL-CK06 (C06) 550mm X 1180mm £1055.00
GGL-MK04 (1,304,M04) 780mm X  980mm £1170.00
GGL-FK06 (5,206,F06) 660mm X 1180mm £1195.00
GGL-MK06 (14,306,M06) 780mm X 1180mm £1205.00
GGL-MK08 (2,308,M08) 780mm X  1400mm £1240.00
GGL-UK04 (7,804,U04) 1340mm X  980mm £1295.00
GGL-PK08 (408,P08) 940mm X  1400mm £1305.00
GGL-SK06 (4,606,S06) 1140mm x 1180mm £1275.00
GGL-PK10 (3,410,P10) 940mm X 1600mm £1280.00
GGL-UKO8 (8,808,U08)  1340mm X 1400mm £1340.00

Please note:
Velux changed the codes on all their windows in Feb 14. The codes shown in brackets are all the old previous codes each window was known by, so customers can easily identify their window (for replacement projects) by pulling down the window and looking at the small metal identification tab on the top of the sash. (the part that opens, near the handle)

All prices are subject to price changes by Velux.

Please contact us if you have any questions about fitting a VELUX roof window to your home, or if you want to have one installed.